Please call 650-854-6207 to order your gluten free , non- gmo baked goods!

Singh Global Initiatives is proud to announce Paulie's GF Baked Goods.  100% of all proceeds go to support the programs for our main  initiative, Sleep Disorders for Children.  Many children with various sleep disorders are affected by the foods they eat.  Research has shown that gluten, sugar, and food additives affect nighttime sleep and have a huge impact on daytime sleepiness.  Using the approach that " FOOD IS MEDICINE," we are advancing the research to support this known fact.  Healing the body through the foods we eat and the lifestyle we choose can have a profound impact on our wellbeing and the managment of Childrens' sleep disorders.  Singh Global Initiatives supports the researchers that are advancing these treatments.    

Paulie's  GF  Baked Goods​​​

Paulie's GF Baked Goods are now avaiable at Martha's Pastery Shoppe in Sharon Heights in Menlo Park California

" Healing the body one nutrient at a time "